Iphone Buy Back Program

CellRunners purchases iphones from individuals and companies alike.  We offer competitive buy back pricing for your old iphones.  People are upgrading more often to the latest Apple product.  Apple phones are not cheap so don’t just toss your old iphone in the kitchen drawer, sell it to the CellRunners.  Each iphone we purchase goes thru a complete CPI data wipe, unlocking, icloud clear and unlock, and our 29 point functionality inspection.  Contact us today to find out how much your old iphone is worth.



Iphone Auction

Cellrunners Distribution conducts a monthly iphone auction.  Many iphone models offered in this auction include fully functional grade A, grade B , and phones with cracked glass.

Our iphone auction is designed for companies looking to sell or refurbish iphones for secondary markets.  Need quality working iphones to refurbish then sign up for our monthly auctions.  Our Auction is open to Companies worldwide. Contact us today for more details.